HC Deb 10 March 1808 vol 10 c1054
Mr. Secretary Canning

presented a Message from his majesty relative to the Swedish Treaty, being the same with that presented in the house of lords. Mr. Canning then moved, that the Message be referred to the committee of supply to-morrow; observing, that in the course of the present evening he should have it in his power to lay on the table of the house a copy of the Treaty.

Mr. Whitbread,

remarking that the policy of the treaty might be a subject of important deliberation, recommended that a longer time should be allowed to elapse after the house were put into possession of the treaty, before they were called upon to consider his majesty's Message.

Mr. Canning

maintained the propriety of referring the Message to the committee of supply to-morrow. If such a serious difference of opinion should then appear to exist, as would lead to a protracted discussion, that discussion might be postponed.

The Speaker

stated, that it was essentially necessary that a Message of this nature should be referred to the committee of supply, and it was a customary mark of respect to the sovereign, to make that reference at as early a period as possible.—The Message was then referred to a committee of supply.