HC Deb 19 May 1806 vol 7 c252

Mr. Hutchinson, from the bank, presented an account of all notes of the bank of England, including bank post bills, in circulation from Feb. 1, 1805, to Feb, 1 1806, distinguishing each quarter,—On the motion of sir J. Newport, the report on the Irish butter bill, was taken into further consideration, and the bill was ordered to be engrossed.—Mr. Francis rose, in contemplation of the debate likely to come on to-morrow, on the Nabob of Arcot's Creditor's bill, to recommend to the attention of gentlemen the correspondence of a Mr. Darke, contained in the second volume of Carnatic papers, as containing much information on the subject.—On the motion of Mr. Vansittart, the Excise-Office Regulation bill, and the Post-Office Regulation bill, were read a 2d time, and ordered to a committee of the whole house on Friday se'nnight.—Mr. Vansittart moved, that there be laid before the house an Account of the quantity, of Malt,charged with duty in England, for the last ,two years, ending in 1806; and a similar account for Scotland: also, an Account of the quantity of Strong Beer brewed in England, from 1799, to 1805, and the same for Scotland: also, an Account of the number of barrels of. Strong Beer and Table Beer, brewed with, in the district of the excise-office for the last ten years. The accounts were then ordered, and immediately brought up by Mr. Vansittart, and laid on the table.—A message from the lords acquainted the house that the lords had agreed to the Mutiny Continuation bill, the Irish Treasury Bills bill, and Irish Loan bill, without any amendment.—Mr. Bankes said, that in the two last sessions of parliament, the house had exercised a very becoming liberality towards that national institution, the British Museum. In consequence of this, considerable additions had been made to the buildings of the Museum, and to the antiquities deposited there. He therefore moved that a committee be appointed to examine the state of the buildings erected for the reception of Egyptian and other antiquities, and to report to the house on the same. Agreed to.