HC Deb 16 May 1806 vol 7 c248
Lord H Petty

rose, to move that the house should resole itself into a committee of supply; but before he did so, he would take the opportunity of giving a more specific notice than lie had as yet given, respecting an affair which had for some tune back engaged the attention of the house and the public: he meant the First Report of the Military Commission now lying on the table (see vol. 6, p. cliii.) He before stated, that the attention of ministers had been turned to this subject, and that a general system was preparing for the auditing of the public accounts. He now stated, that on Wednesday next he would propose a new Military Commission for investigating abuses committed in the West Indies; but as that only formed a part of the general system, he trusted he would be allowed on that day to enter somewhat at length into the nature of the measures relative to the public accounts which government had in contemplation. He also gave notice, that on Monday next he would, in the committee of ways and means, propose a new tax in lieu of the Iron tax. He concluded by moving, that the house go into a committee of supply.