HC Deb 16 May 1806 vol 7 cc247-8
Sir A. Wellesley

asked if the hon gent. (Mr. Paull) had fixed on the day on which he meant to bring forward the motion against lord Wellesley, relative to Oude?

Mr. Paull

mentioned Monday week; but on the suggestion of the Speaker, fixed it for the first day after the holidays; stating that he should lay the charge on the table, and at the same time move for witnesses to be called in, and also for a few papers in support of it. The hon. gent then moved, that the order of a former day, for the production of the protest taken by Mr. Bosanquet, against an approval by the court of directors of lord Wellesley's conduct, be discharged. He stated, that this motion had been made by him under the impression that he had liberty to do so if any of the board of controul should happen to be present. He accordingly had done so, but found next day that he had laboured under a misconception, and would therefore, as he had offered, have immediately moved for rescinding the order, had it been of any immediate consequence. He now moved, that the order be discharged; meaning, on some future occasion, to move that the paper he produced, a, well as a dispatch which had formerly been moved for by a noble lord, and then refused, though unquestionably it must ultimately be produced—After a few words from Mr. Adding- ton and Mr. Creevey, the order was accordingly discharged.