HC Deb 24 March 1806 vol 6 cc524-5
The Attorney General

moved the 2d reading of the bill from the lords, declaring the Liability of Witnesses to answer. On the question being put,

Mr. Perceval

said, he did not mean to oppose the 2d reading of the bill, because he should be equally at liberty to state his objections to it on the question for the speaker's leaving the chair, if his learned friend should propose to have it committed, Undoubtedly clauses might be added in the committee, which would render the bill less objectionable than, as it then stood, it was. The bill in its present form appeared to him unnecessary, and, in principle, extremely objectionable as, he was convinced, would be the opinion of the house, when it should seriously examine its provisions. In his opinion, it would not, in its present form, either answer the purpose for which it was intended, or declare the law as laid down by the high authorities, that had been called on to decide that point.

The attorney General

said, he would not then enter into the merits of the measure, but proposed that the bill should be committed on Thursday next, when he should be ready to discuss the question with his learned friend. The bill was then read a second time.

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