HC Deb 23 April 1806 vol 6 c886
Mr. Jeffery

said he did not wish to advert to the long procrastination which had taken place, by means of the printing of papers that had been moved for, in order to repel the charge which it was his intention to bring forward against lord St. Vincent, nor, at this time, to say a word more on the subject. He thought it necessary that a day should now be named for bringing forward the same, and he was desirous of fixing that day, as nearly as possible, according to the wish of the house; and as he would not desire to name an earlier day than it might be supposed a sufficient time would be given for printing the papers already moved for, therefore he, if it would be agreeable to the house, would name the 6th of May, on which day it was his determination positively to bring it forward.

Lord Howick

was as anxious to avoid delay in this business as any man in the house. No rational motive could be assigned for delay on his part, or on the part of the noble lord's friends in question, but the necessary time that might be required for the production of such papers as were judged necessary for the defence of the noble lord, and the elucidation of such points as the hon. gent. had already thought proper to specify. It was to be wished that such papers should be printed, and put into the hands of members before the discussion should take place. Some of those papers were not yet produced, and a considerable time would be necessary for their printing. If there should be sufficient time for this purpose, before the day fixed on by the hon. gent., he certainly could have no objection that the matter should be finally taken up on that day. But should it appear in the mean time that all the documents could not be before the house previously to that day, he thought it only reasonable that a farther delay should take place. At present he had no object on to the day nominated by the hon. gent.

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