HC Deb 12 December 1803 vol 1 cc260-1
Mr. Baldwin

presented a petition from the prisoners confined for debt in the county gaol of Cardigan. Ordered to lie upon the table.—Mr. Corry brought up an estimate of the expenses attending the Linen Board in Ireland for one year, from Jan. 5, 1804, to Jan. 5, 1805.—Leave was given to bring in a bill to enable his Majesty to grant certain lands in Chertsey, &c. to H R. H. the Duke of York. Mr. W. Dundas gave notice, that he should not bring forward, till after the recess, the motion which it was his intention to make respecting this militia of Scotland.—Leave was given to bring in a bill for punishing mutiny and desertion, and for the better payment of their quarters.—Leave was given to bring in a bill for the regulation of his Majesty's royal marine forces while on shore.—Mr. Secretary Yorke moved the second reading of the bill for explaining two acts, passed in the 12d and 43d of his present Majesty, relating to volunteers and yeomanry corps. It was accordingly read a second time, and ordered to be committed to-morrow.—The House resolved itself into a Committee of Supply, in which a variety of small sums were voted for the maintenance of convicts at home and abroad, and oilier miscellaneous services voted annually.—Mr. Corry also moved the miscellaneous services for Ireland, which were agreed to; and the report ordered to be received to-morrow.