HC Deb 18 July 1974 vol 877 c261W
Mr. Gurden

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer why Ministers are charged at 6.6p. per mile for their use of official cars for private or political purposes; and if this charge includes chauffeurs.

Mr. Robert Sheldon

I have been asked to reply.

Charging arrangements for the use of official cars apply only to Ministers who for security reasons use their cars for all

Additional cost in 1974–75 £ million at 1974–75 Outturn prices Date Hansard Col. No.
Defence Budget:
Forces' pay 100.0 16th May 1974 518
Agriculture, fisheries and forestry:
Fuel subsidy for horticultural producers 6.0 11th April 1974 610
Additional pigmeat subsidy 15.0 19th June 1974 480
Calf subsidy—Northern Ireland 2.6 19th June 1974 480
Continuation of lime subsidy 2.8 26th June 1974 1587
Assistance to beef producers 26th June 1974 1593
Trade, industry and employment:
Subsidy to electricity industry for reducing increase in off-peak tariffs (provisional estimate) 20.30 20th June 1974 *
Rebate to British Rail for domestic coal freight charges 1.5 27th June 1974 472
Court Shipbuilders Ltd.—acquisition 1st July 1974 7–8
Nationalised industries capital expenditure:
Coal investment 10.0 20th June 1974 *
Post Office telecommunications investment 28.0 1st July 1974 18
Law, order and protective services:
Police pay 24.0 11th July 1974 Not applicable
Education and libraries, science and arts:
Teachers' pay 11.6 6th May 1974 14 and 38
Student grants 33.0 14th May 1974 1085 and 1089
Arts Council—VAT compensation 0.8 25th June 1974 *
Open University—increased grant to enable the student intake to be increased 10th July 1974 *
Health and personal social services:
Nurses' pay offer—Briggs Report 18.0 6th May 1974 57
National Health Service 47.0 10th July 1974 Not applicable
Civil Service pay (threshold agreements, etc.) 116.0 Various Not applicable
* Not printed.
† Additional public expenditure cost cannot yet be estimated.

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