HC Deb 04 February 1947 vol 432 cc321-3W
87. Mr. Ellis Smith

asked the Secretary of State for War the dates when the Warrington and Litchfield barracks were built; how are they heated; is there reasonable hot water, etc., available for each man; are the barracks at present in use; how many men are in occupation; and if he is satisfied with the conditions.

Mr. Bellenger

Warrington Barracks were built in 1878 and modernised in 1939. They are centrally heated and an adequate supply of hot water is available. There are 414 occupants and conditions are reasonable. Lichfield Barracks were built in 1892 and officers' quarters were added in 1922 and 1923. The heating is by open fires. Adequate hot water is available. There are 826 occupants and conditions are reasonably good. While, as I have indicated, conditions in these barracks and, I may add, in others may be regarded as reasonable, they are not ideal but further improvement will take time.

88. Mr. Ellis Smith

asked the Secretary of State for War the six oldest barracks in this country; the years when they were built; are they occupied by men; and if he is satisfied with the conditions in these barracks.

Mr. Bellenger

The six oldest barracks in the United Kingdom are given below. Details of successive stages of modernisation are not readily available:

Southsea Castle—Built 1539. Occupied by two headquarters. Minor improvements are required and plans are in hand.

Depot Barracks, Berwick-upon-Tweed—Built 1717. Very few occupants. Modernisation is required.

Colewort Barracks, Portsmouth—Built 1718. Destroyed by bombing.

Port George Barracks—Built 1757. Occupied by a Primary Training Centre. The barracks are in fair condition. The sergeants' mess and stores were recently burned down and are being rebuilt.

Depot Barracks, Armagh—Built 1773. Not fully occupied. Part of the barracks is satisfactory and part has been condemned.

Kitchener Barracks, Chatham—Built 1778. Occupied by 1,270 men of whom 230 are in a barrack block of the latest type. The accommodation of the remainder is not satisfactory and has been condemned.