HC Deb 30 September 1942 vol 383 cc800-1W
Sir E. Graham-little

asked the Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Food the reference numbers and particulars of the Statutory Rules and Orders and the Confidential Instructions to controlled millers in the series C.M.C. dealing with wheat and bread issued up to date and covering the period since the present Minister took office?

Mr. Mabane

I have already written to my hon. Friend giving the numbers of S.R. and O.s for bread, flour and wheat during the period he mentioned. With regard to circulars in the C.M.C. series, these documents have not been published and consequently my Noble Friend does not consider any useful purpose would be served by supplying a list of the reference numbers.

Sir E. Graham-Little

asked the Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Food what is the present proportion of wheat imported as compared with home grown; what is the present position of the national loaf as regards the proportion of wheat germ, straight-run bleached white flour, damaged flour, chalk and any other addition; what is the date of the latest test of the quality of national bread; by whom was it performed and with what result as regards its accordance with specification; and what penalties were imposed for breach thereof?

Mr. Mabane

I regret that it would not be in the public interest to give the information for which my hon. Friend asks in the first part of the Question. With regard to the second part, the maximum possible amount of germ is included in the national loaf. The position in regard to white flour is that home-milled stocks are exhausted, but a certain amount of Canadian flour is being distributed and blended with National Flour in the preparation of National Bread. The proportion distritributed is in no case greater than 12½ per cent. With regard to the characteristics of the Canadian flour, I would refer my hon. Friend to the answer given him on 16th April last. No damaged white or National Flour is at present being allocated for reconditioning and mixing-in to National Flour or use in the preparation of National Bread. With regard to the fortification of National Flour with calcium, I would refer my hon. Friend to the answer I gave him on 30th June last, to which I have nothing to add. As regards any other additions, I would refer by hon. Friend to the provisions of the Bread (Control and Maximum Prices) Order, 1941, and to the amendments thereto, a list of which has been supplied to him. In so far as the third part of the Question is concerned, tests on National Flour and Bread are now carried out as a matter of routine and samples are drawn in different areas nearly every day. The tests are carried out under the supervision of the Scientific Adviser's Division of the Ministry, and I am glad to say that the results have been entirely satisfactory in every way. The final part of the Question does not therefore arise.