HC Deb 19 November 1928 vol 222 cc1396-7W

asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury the amount of revenue received by the Treasury from import duties on imported goods covered by the provisions of the Safeguarding of Industries Act in each half-year during the last six years, and the dates within this period on which new manufactures were brought under the provisions of that Act?


pursuant to his reply [OFFICIAL REPORT, 15th November, 1928; col. 1105, Vol. 222],supplied the following information

Approximate net receipts derived from the several Safeguarding duties in force in each half-year during the last six years, namely, duties imposed by the Safeguarding of Industries Act. 1921, Parts I and II, by the Safeguarding of Industries (Customs Duties) Act, 1925, and by various Finance Acts following on the recommendations of Committees made in accordance with the Safeguarding White Paper.

Half-year ended Revenue.
30th September, 1922 158,000
31st March, 1923 407,000
30th September, 1923 313,000
31st March, 1924 318,000
30th September, 1924 233,000
31st March, 1925 244,000
30th September, 1925 263,000
31st March, 1926 486,000
30th September, 1926 888,000
31st March, 1927 1,029,000
30th September, 1927 1,032,000
31st March, 1928 1,108,000
30th September, 1928 1,131,001

Dates of imposition of new safeguarding duties during the same period.

Date of imposition and Articles.

23rd August, 1922.—Fabric gloves, glove fabric, domestic glassware, illuminating glassware, and domestic hollow-ware of German origin.

24th October, 1922.—Mantles for incandescent lighting of German origin.

1st July, 1925.—Lace and embroidery.

22nd December, 1925.—Cutlery, gloves, and mantles for incandescent lighting.

1st May, 1926.—Key industry duty extended to component parts of dutiable optical and scientific instruments, to amorphous carbon-electrodes, and to molybdenum, vanadium, and their compounds.

1st May, 1926.—Packing or wrapping paper.

19th April, 1927.—Translucent or vitrified pottery.

25th April, 1928.—Buttons.

13th June, 1928.—Domestic hollowware, wrought-enamelled of iron or steel.

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