HC Deb 14 December 1927 vol 211 cc2325-8W

asked the Prime Minister the number of boys under 18 who have proceeded to Australia during each year since the Empire Settlement Act, 1922, came into operation: through the Fairbridge scheme; with assisted passages for apprenticeship under approved Government apprenticeship schemes; with assisted passages and

Placed through Government Agencies. Placed under the auspices of Voluntary Societies. Total.
Farm Apprenticeship Schemes. Other Farm Work. Fairbridge Farm School. Other Voluntary Societies.
1922 712 100 174 986
1923 1,840 1,353 24 311 3,528
1924 1,225 912 56 265 2,458
1925 1,306 850 12 247 2,415
1926 1,723 283 28 722 2,756
Totals 6,806 3,498 120 1,719 12,143

superintending executive officers, higher executive officers, and executive officers; clerical class, higher clerical officers and clerical officers; distinguishing in each case between the number of men and the number of women in each grade?


The particulars asked for are as follow:

placed through Government agents on the land but not under schemes of apprenticeship; and with assisted passages and placed through voluntary organisations, the Big Brother movement, Salvation Army, Church Army, etc.; if he will give figures as to the number of girls under 18 who have proceeded to Australia for each year with assisted passages, and as to the number placed, respectively, through Government agents and through voluntary organisations; and if figures are available as to the number of girls and boys, respectively, under 18 who have proceeded to Australia with assisted passages during the period in question who have returned later to this country as unsuitable for settlement in the Commonwealth?


The numbers of boys under 18 years of age who have gone to Australia with assistance under the Empire Settlement Act since 1922 are as follow:

The numbers of girls under 18 who have proceeded to Australia under the Empire Settlement Act through the medium of voluntary societies are as under:

1922 Nil.
1923 33
1924 151
1925 42
1926 80
Total 306

NOTE.—In addition, a number of girls under 18 have proceeded as household workers under the Government Assisted Passage Scheme, but no special record has been kept of this age period except in the years 1925 and 1926, when the numbers were 196 and 467, respectively.

No information is abailable as to the numbers of assisted migrants of 18 years and under who have returned from Australia as unsuitable settlers, but the total number of assisted persons sent back by the Commonwealth Government during the years 1922–26, inclusive, was 257.