HC Deb 04 March 1926 vol 192 cc1640-1W

asked the Minister of Pensions (1) the names of firms now making artificial limbs for ex-service men; and if the said firms are British or foreign;

(2) the number of firms now making artificial limbs for ex-service men: if the number has been reduced; and, if so, by how many?


There are 26 firms now making artificial limbs of one kind or other for ex-service men under contract with the Ministry. I will, with permission, circulate particulars of these firms in the OFFICIAL REPORT. The number of firms supplying artificial metal legs has been reduced by 12. All the firms, so far as my information goes, are British, with the exception of the Carnes Artificial Arm Company, which is an American firm.

The following are the firms of limb-makers on the Ministry's list of contractors:

  • Messrs. Hanger and Company.
  • Messrs. Pedestros Ltd.
  • Messrs. Blatchford and Sons.
  • Mr. Geo. Box.
  • Messrs. Grossmith, Limited.
  • Messrs. Salt and Son.
  • Messrs. R. G. Scotland and Company.
  • Messrs. Gillingham and Son.
  • Mr. Campbell.
  • Messrs. Cooke and Murray.
  • Messrs. Cuxson Bros.
  • Mr. Duncan.
  • Messrs. Ernst.
  • Messrs. D. Longmate.
  • Messrs. Masters and Son.
  • Messrs. Salmon and Son.
  • Messrs. Suter and Batstone.
  • Messrs. Taylor and Higgins.
  • Messrs. Young and Sons.
  • Mr. Wedge.
  • Messrs. Wilson and Company.
  • Messrs. Stronglite Manufacturing Company.
  • Messrs. McKay Artificial Limb Company.
  • Messrs. P.K. Arm Company.
  • Messrs. Steeper Limited.
  • Messrs. The Carnes Artificial Arm Company.