HC Deb 03 March 1926 vol 192 cc1457-8W
Colonel DAY

asked the Minister Labour the number of women who applied for unemployment benefit at the Walworth Road Employment Exchange during the three months ending 14th February last; how many such claims were disallowed; and the reason for such disallowment, under their respective headings?


The number of claims to benefit (including repeat claims by the same individual) made by women at the Borough Employment Exchange during the three months ended 15th February was 2,800. I am unable to state the number of claims to standard benefit which were disallowed, but statistics of the claims for extended benefit considered by the local employment committee during the period 17th November, 1925, to 8th February, 1926, are as under:

Claims considered 599
Claims recommended for allowance 213


The following table shows the estimated number of insured persons in Great Britain at the end of January in each year from 1921 to 1926, the numbers of insured persons recorded as unemployed at those dates and the difference between these two sets of figures. This difference cannot be taken as accurately representing the number of insured persons in employment, but it probably furnishes a reliable indication of the trend of changes in that number:

Claims recommended for disallowance:

Not normally insurable 21
Insurable employment not likely to be available 14
Not reasonable period of insurable employment 83
Not making reasonable efforts to obtain employment 177
Single persons residing with relatives 27
Married women who could look to support from their husbands 54
Working short-time but earning sufficient for maintenance 10
Total recommended for disallowance 386