HC Deb 25 February 1926 vol 192 cc754-6W

asked the President of the Board of Trade the number and value of optical and scientific instruments imported during the years 1913, 1922, 1923, 1924 and 1925; and the amount of duty collected on such under the Safeguarding of Industries Act for the years 1922, 1923, 1924 and 1925?


As regards the particulars of imports for the years 1913, 1922, 1923 and 1924, I would refer the hon. Member to page 35 of Volume I of the Annual Statements of Trade of the United Kingdom for the years 1922 and 1924 Corresponding figures for the year 1925 are given in statement "A" below. As regards the latter part of the question, statistics of revenue collected under Part I of the Safeguarding of Industries Act, 1921, are kept only in respect of each of the groups specified in the Schedule to the Act. The net revenue collected for the years 1922 to 1925 in respect of the two groups which comprise dutiable articles of the classes mentioned are given in statement "B" below. It will be observed that the classification for the purposes of the Statement of Trade and for the statistics of revenue is not identical.

Description. Denomination. Quantity. Value.
Scientific instruments and appliances (except electrical)—
Dental, surgical, medical and veterinary instruments and appliances (except optical)—
Instruments Value 29,605
Appliances, including trusses and artificial limbs, but excluding artificial eyes. Value 10,727
Furniture, aseptic hospital Value 9,592
Other sorts, including general dental goods (except dental platinum). Value 120,696
Photographic (not including lenses)—
Cameras No 489,278 185,492
Cinematograph and projection apparatus (including magic lanterns). Value 23,435
Sensitised photographic paper Value 128,015
Sensitised photographic plates and films Value 753,677
Blank film on which no picture has been impressed, known as raw film or stock. Linear foot of the standard width of 1 ⅜ in. 126,322,578 356,536
Exposed films—
Positives, i.e., films containing a picture and ready for exhibition. Linear foot of the standard width of 1 ⅜ in. 43,660,774 233,953
Negatives, i.e. films containing a photo graph from which positives can be printed. Linear foot of the standard width of 1 ⅜ in. 9,314,028 689,312
Other photographic and cinematograph appliances, not elsewhere specified (excluding photographic chemicals). Value 68,648
Optical instruments and appliances—
Lenses, prisms, etc., optically worked, mounted or unmounted (including those imported or exported with complete instruments). No 8,428,134 234,704
Bodies for telescopes, microscopes and other instruments for holding lenses. No 1,275,343 81,392
Other scientific instruments and appliances—
Precision balances Value 8,825
Gauges No 36,051 23,259
Mathematical instruments Value 11,634
Slide rules, calculating discs and cylinders Value 3,410
Other descriptions not elsewhere specified 169,370
Year. Duty.
Optical glass and optical elements, whether finished or not, micro-scopes, field and opera glasses, theodolites, sextants, spectroscopes and other optical instruments. 1922 79,233
1923* 98,112
1924 84,666
1925 86,318
Galvanometers, pyrometers, electroscopes, barometers, analytical and other precision balances and other scientific instruments, gauges and measuring instruments of precision of the types used in engineering machine shops and viewing rooms, whether for use in such shops or rooms or not. 1922 20,713
1923* 26,778
1924 29,872
1925 33,635
* As from 1st April, 1923, figures relate to Great Britain and Northern Ireland only.