HC Deb 26 March 1923 vol 162 c69W

asked the Secretary for Mines whether he will give consideration to the advisability of following the example laid down by the Secretary of State for Air in proposing to advertise prizes of £50,000 to promote and increase the efficiency of the Air Force: and whether he will, in the interests of the miners, and with a view to increasing the safety to life 'and limb, advertise prizes of £50,000 for a competition in connection with the introduction of safety appliances in mines?

Lieut.-Colonel LANE-FOX

Thismethod of stimulating thought in connection

Description. 1920. 1921. 1922.
Quantity. Value. Quantity. Value. Quantity. Value.
Cwts. £ Cwts. £ Cwts. £
Intermediate Coal Tar Products used in the Manufacture of Dyes (including Aniline Oil and Salt and Phenyl Glycine) 44,527 736,221 1,324 27,891 1 8
Finished Dyestuffs obtained from Coal Tar. 15,636 532,897 1,218 35,576 150 1,444

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