HC Deb 23 November 1917 vol 99 cc1545-6W

asked the Financial Secretary to the War Office whether he has received a copy of the resolution of the Cork Corporation with reference to the system of employment in the Army Pay Office, Cork, and certain grievances which the civilian staff there complain of; whether some clerks now employed there in the lower grade were formerly in the higher grade but were discharged and replaced by soldier clerks, and afterwards re-employed in the lower grade on the assurance that their employment would be permanent, but are now informed that they are temporary clerks though their salaries are lower than those of temporary clerks; whether female clerks have recently, in several cases, been taken on for a week's trial and then dispensed with, notwithstanding favourable reports, and replaced by other female clerks who in turn are similarly treated; whether female clerks when employed are only paid 6s. per week and 4s. war bonus; whether he is aware that a clerk named William Clifford was dismissed without notice for bringing the grievances of the staff under the notice of the authorities, leading to the resignation of ten other clerks as a protest; and whether he will have inquiry made as to the present management of this office and have Clifford and his companions reinstated?


Inquiry is being made, and I will inform the hon. Member of the result.