HC Deb 02 April 1914 vol 60 cc1376-7W

asked the Under-Secretary of State for India (1) when the sum of £1,000,000 was provided for unforeseen expenditure in connection with the new capital at Delhi; was it included in the original estimate of £4,000,000; (2) whether the revised estimate of expenditure in connection with the new capital at Delhi includes the proposed railway terminus and all costs involved in the transfer of the capital, whether incurred at Delhi or elsewhere; is it now anticipated that the ultimate total cost will not be materially more than 50 per cent. in excess of the original estimate, or what is the estimated excess; and (3) how much has already been expended in respect of the revised estimate of £5,113,000 expenditure, reported by the Viceroy as having been approved by the Government of India in respect of the new capital at Delhi and of the additional sum of £1,000,000 for unforeseen expenditure?


I propose to reply to this and the two following questions together. The £4,000,000 originally mentioned was expressly stated to be based on scanty data, and was little more than a rough and general forecast of what the works likely to be required for the new capital might cost in the aggregate. In my reply to the hon. Member for Brentford on the 25th March, I stated that the estimates as now approved by the Government of India amount to £5,113,000, with an additional £1,000,000 held in reserve for unforseen expenditure. These amounts are exclusive of the cost of moving and enlarging the cantonment and of improving the present railway arrangements. As regards the latter no decision has yet been come to. Expenditure else-where than at Delhi is not included in the figures. Of the estimated expenditure of £5,113,000, £407,000 had been spent on and before 31st January last.