HC Deb 20 April 1910 vol 16 c2276W

asked why is an annuity of £300 a year paid to the Lord Mayor of Dublin as pay as a captain of foot; does the Lord Mayor of Dublin perform any military duty for this payment; if the Lord Mayor performs no military duty for this £300 a year, will the War Department take steps to have this £300 a year applied to some more useful purpose; out of what Vote is this £300 a year provided; and is it treated as part of the expenditure on the Army?


This perpetual annuity was granted to the Lord Mayor and his successors by King Charles II. by Royal Charter for eminent services rendered by the Mayor in connection with the restoration. The provisions regarding the rank and exercise of command by the Mayor have become obsolete in course of time, and he is no longer gazetted to hold rank in the Army. He performs no military service. The grant is charged on the Consolidated Fund, and does not come within the purview of the War Office.