HC Deb 24 November 1909 vol 13 cc328-9W

asked the Chief Secretary whether, in the distribution of the M'Cann estate in the county of Dublin, 96 acres of land were given to one man, named Hickey, from another county, while 320 acres were divided amongst 16 other persons; if so, on what ground is such a differentiation made in favour of the person mentioned; and whether such a policy is to be persisted in as that of favouring men from a distance with specially large grants of land in Dublin county, while there is a large number of Dublin tenants and sons of Dublin tenants sorely in need of land?


The Estates Commissioners have allotted 96 acres to the Hickeys on the estate mentioned, in accordance with an arrangement whereby they surrendered, for the purposes of distribution, some 94 acres in the county Tipperary, where, in the opinion of the Commissioners, lands are more urgently needed for such purposes than in county Dublin.