HC Deb 03 November 1909 vol 12 c1967W

asked the Postmaster-General whether he is aware that, by paragraph 379 of the Report of the Select Committee on Post Office Servants, an additional summer uniform is granted to the class of London postal porters in excess of that previously supplied, and that this recommendation has been withdrawn in favour of a more modified scheme by the Department, which has the effect of reducing the supply below that which a deputation of the men proposed to accept in settlement of the award, namely, two complete suits per annum, and which claim was described by the second secretary, Mr. A. F. King, as very reasonable; and whether, in view of the pledge given to carry out the recommendations in their entirety, he will take steps to cause two complete suits per annum to be issued to the class and to award compensation to them for the non-issue of summer uniform in 1908?


The recommendation of the Select Committee was that in addition to the present uniform a summer suit should be allowed, but I find nothing in the Report to suggest that a new summer suit was held to be necessary every year. Indeed, in view of the allowances to other classes of uniform-wearing officers, of which the Committee were well aware, I do not think such can have been their intention. In the past porters have received two pairs of trousers and two waistcoats every year, and a coat every two years—all of the same substance. Under the rearrangement I have sanctioned they will receive a thick coat every year, and a thin one every two years—that is three coats every two years, with two waistcoats and two pairs of trousers, one light and one heavy every year. This supply appears to be ample, especially taking into consideration the nature of their work.