Lords Sitting of 12 October 1820 Series 2 Vol. 3

  1. Preamble 7,931 words
  2. cc559-74
  3. The Earl of Lauderdale.—I am the last that would have asked such a question, had not the witness said that Pergami and his relations had as great a claim as he to sit at her royal highness's table. Have any of your relations sat at her majesty's table? I do not believe they ever did. Did you ever see Mr. Vallotti Pergami sitting at her royal highness's table? I do not know him by that name? I recollect an uncle. What was that uncle? I do not know what he was. But you recollect seeing Pergami's uncle sit at table with her royal highness P I have heard it was his uncle. The following Extract was read from the Evidence of yesterday. "What was the nature of the entertainments given by her royal highness at the Barona? There were no entertainments except to the farmer's daughters, to amuse in fact the household. "Was the time of which you are speaking the Carnival time? It was. "Did you ever see at those entertainments the wives of persons as well as their daughters? The 6,571 words