HL Deb 08 May 1905 vol 145 cc1092-3

The LORD CHANCELLOR acquainted the House, That the following Papers, having been commanded to be presented to this House by His Majesty, had been so presented on the following dates by delivery to the Clerk of the Parliaments, pursuant to Standing Order No, CXI., viz:—

Charity Commission. Fifty second Report of the Charity Commissioners for England and Wales. (April 17.)

Egypt, No. 1 (1905)—Reports by His Majesty's Agent and Consul-General on the finances, administration, and condition of Egypt and the Soudan in 1904. (April 17.)

Board of Education:—

  1. I. Regulations for secondary schools from 1st August, 1905, to 31st July, 1906. (April 17.)
  2. II. Special reports on educational subjects. Volume 15.—School training for the home duties of women. Part I. The teaching of "domestic science" in the United States of America. (April 27.)

Free and United Free Churches (Scotland):—

I. Royal Commission on Churches.

Vol. I.—Reports.

Vol. II. Minutes of evidence and appendices. (April 18.)

II. Departmental Commission. Interim Report to the Secretary for Scotland by Sir John Cheyne, K.C. (May 3.)

Education (Scotland). Report and Papers relating to the training of teachers for the year 1903–1904. (April 18.)

Labour Statistics (Board of Trade (Labour Department). Tenth Abstract of Labour Statistics of the United Kingdom, 1902–1904. (April 18.)


  1. I. Further correspondence relating to labour in the Transvaal mine (in continuation of [Cd. 2183]). (April 18.)
  2. 1093
  3. II. Papers relating to Constitutional changes in the Transvaal. (April 27.)
  4. III. Despatch transmitting Letters Patent and Order in Council providing for Constitutional changes in the Transvaal. (April 27.)

Education (Ireland) 1904. Annual Report of the Commissioners of Education in Ireland, for the year 1904. (April 27.)

Agrarian Offences (Provinces) (Ireland). Return for the year ended December 31st, 1904. (April 27.)

Lunacy (Scotland). Forty - seventh Annual Report of the General Board of Commissioners in Lunacy for Scotland. (April 27.)

Land Law (Ireland) Act, 1887. Return of the number of Eviction Notices filed during the Quarter ended December 31st, 1904. (April 27.)

Trade. Annual Statement of the Trade of the United Kingdom with Foreign Countries and British Possessions, 1904, compared with the four preceding years. Vol. I. (Summaries, Abstract, and detailed Tables of Imports and Exports.) (April 27.)

Factory and Workshop (Laundries). List of religious and charitable institutions in which laundries are carried on (April 27.)

Explosives (Explosion at Messrs. Eley Brothers' Factory, Edmonton, Middlesex. Report to the right hon. the Secretary of State for the Home Department by Captain J. H. Thomson, His Majesty's Chief Inspector of Explosives, on the circumstances attending an explosion of collodion cotton which occurred at the factory of Messrs. Eley Brothers, Limited, at Edmonton, Middlesex, on March 7th, 1905. (April 27.)