HL Deb 05 June 1902 vol 108 cc1506-7

My Lords, I beg to ask his Majesty's Government if the Great Southern and Western Railway Company, Ireland, did not promote a Bill entitled the Valencia Harbour Pier Bill in 1900, and, in view of the want of this pier in order to enable the mackerel to be landed, if the Great Southern and Western Railway can be compelled to carry out the terms of the Bill. I had an opportunity the other day of realising the necessity that exists for a pier at Valencia Harbour. Large quantities of mackerel are caught, but they cannot be dealt with or sent to market in consequence of the want of this pier. A Bill was promoted by the Great Southern and Western Railway Company in 1900 for a pier there, but up to the present no steps have been taken in this direction. I may mention that by the Amalgamation Bill the Waterford line have acquired a very good pier at Fenit, and derive a very good profit from the mackerel which are landed there daily.


Under the provisions of the Great Southern and Western Bail way Act 1900, the Company are enpowered to construct, within five years of the passing of that Act, the pier mentioned in the question; but the Government have no power to compel them to do so. I understand that if at the end of that time the pier is not constructed the power lapses.