HL Deb 23 March 1849 vol 103 cc1177-8

House in Committee.


complained that the Bill which gave magistrates the power to liberate persons after being imprisoned for three months for poor-rates was not also extended to imprisonment for church rates. He should move an Amendment, if necessary, to cure that defect.


would inquire whether there was any objection to include church rates. If he found no objection existed, he would include church rates.


considered that the Act, if passed, would not be final. We should every year be favoured with explanatory or Amendment Acts, which in the end would leave the law still obscure.


said, he was satisfied the Bill was intended to effect great good. The Bill was intended to remedy a defect which at present existed with reference to distraining for rates. In some cuses persons were not proceeded against, though quite able to pay the rates, because the expenses were more than the amount of the rates. But this Bill was to allow the expenses to be added to the amount of the rate, and the whole to be recovered from parties who could, but who were unwilling to pay. He should advise his noble Friend opposite (Lord Malmesbury) to be content with the advantage which he had gained in getting church rates inserted, and not to press his Amentment in a more enlarged form.

Amendment withdrawn.

Bill reported without Amendment.