HL Deb 23 March 1849 vol 103 c1177

The EARL of CARLISLE moved the reception of the report of Amendment.


wished to know whether the noble Lord would object to the insertion of a clause in the Bill to give the Poor Law Commissioners power to appoint a visitor to visit the houses where pauper children were farmed, frequently, and at uncertain periods, the salary of such visitor to be fixed by the Poor Law Commissioners. He thought it was the duty of the Legislature to take measures for the protection of the large number of children in these farming establishments. He objected to this system of farming out paupers, because he thought it unfair to the children and also to the ratepayers. He did not propose to make it imperative on the Poor Law Commissioners to appoint a visitor, but he wished to give them the power of doing so.


promised to take the matter into consideration before the third reading of the Bill.

Amendment reported.

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