HC Deb 25 March 2003 vol 402 c212

  1. (1) This section applies if at any time in the extradition hearing the judge is informed that the person is charged with an offence in the United Kingdom.
  2. (2) The judge must adjourn the extradition hearing until one of these occurs—
    1. (a) the charge is disposed of;
    2. (b) the charge is withdrawn;
    3. (c) proceedings in respect of the charge are discontinued;
    4. (d) an order is made for the charge to lie on the file, or in relation to Scotland, the diet is deserted pro loco et tempore.
  3. (3) If a sentence of imprisonment or another form of detention is imposed in respect of the offence charged, the judge may adjourn the extradition hearing until the sentence has been served.
  4. (4) If before he adjourns the extradition hearing under subsection (2) the judge has decided under section 78 whether the person's extradition is barred by reason of the rule against double jeopardy, the judge must decide that question again after the resumption of the hearing..—
Brought up, read the First and Second time, and added to the Bill.

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