HC Deb 13 June 2002 vol 386 cc1096-7

Amendments made: No. 224, in page 14, line 37, after "with" insert— the receipt of a notice under subsection (7A). (7A) The OFT shall, in connection with nay notice given by it under subsection (6), by notice inform the persons carrying on the enterprises which have or may have ceased to be distinct enterprises of".

No. 225, in page 14, line 41, leave out subsection (8) and insert— (8) Subject to subsections (9) and (10), where the four month period mentioned in section 23 (1)(a) or (2)(b) is extended or further extended by virtue of this section in relation to a particular case, any reference to that period in section 23 or the preceding provisions of this section shall have effect in relation to that case as if it were a reference to a period equivalent to the aggregate of the period being extended and the period of the extension (whether or not those periods overlap in time). (9) Subsection (10) applies where—

  1. (a) the four month period mentioned in section 23(1)(a) or (2)(b) is further extended;
  2. 1097
  3. (b) the further extension and at least one previous extension is made under one or more of subsections (2), (4) and (6); and
  4. (c) the same days or fractions of days are included in or comprise the further extension and are included in or comprise at least one such previous extension.
(10) In calculating the period of the further extension, any days or fractions of days of the kind mentioned in subsection (9)(c) shall be disregarded. (11) No more than one extension is possible under subsection (1).'.—[Miss Melanie Johnson.]

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