HC Deb 23 April 2002 vol 384 cc298-302

Motion made, and Question put,


(1) In section 197(2) of the Finance Act 1996, in paragraph (h)(ii) for "paragraph 8(3)(a)" there shall be substituted "paragraphs 6 and 8(3)(a)".

(2) In section 16(1) of the Finance Act 2001, for "A levy" there shall be substituted "A tax".

(3) In section 17 of that Act—

  1. (a) for paragraph (2)(d) there shall be substituted— "(d) it is aggregate that on the commencement date is on a site other than—
    1. (i) its originating site, or
    2. (ii) a site that is required to be registered under the name of a person who is the operator, or one of the operators, of that originating site.";
  2. (b) in subsection (3)(d)(ii), for "otherwise than wholly or mainly" there shall he substituted "not";
  3. (c) in subsection (4)(d)—
    1. (i) after "the Petroleum Act 1998" there shall be inserted "or the Petroleum (Production) Act (Northern Ireland) 1964 (c. 28 (N.I.))";
    2. (ii) the words from "otherwise" to the end shall be omitted.
(4) In section 18 of that Act—
  1. (a) in subsection (2)(c), for "some other substance" there shall be substituted "anything else";
  2. (b) in subsection (3), paragraphs (d) and (h) shall be omitted.
(5) In section 19 of that Act—
  1. (a) in subsection (2)(b) for the words from "who is the operator" to the end there shall be substituted "under whose name that originating site is also registered";
  2. (b) after subsection (3) there shall be inserted— "(3A) For the purposes of subsection (3)(a) above "business" includes any activity of a Government department, local authority or charity.";
  3. (c) in subsection (4), for the words "adjacent land" in both places there shall be substituted "other land".
(6) In section 22 of that Act, at the end of subsection (2) there shall be inserted— For the purposes of this subsection "business" includes any activity of a Government department, local authority or charity.". (7) In section 24(6) of that Act, after paragraph (c) there shall be inserted— (ca) for mixing, otherwise than in permitted circumstances (within the meaning given by section 19(7)), any aggregate with any material or substance other than water,". (8) In section 37(7) of that Act, paragraphs (g) to (j) shall be omitted.

(9) In paragraph 1 of Schedule 4 of that Act—

  1. (a) for sub-paragraph (1) there shall be substituted—"
(1) An unregistered person who—
  1. (a) is required to be registered for the purposes of aggregates levy, or
  2. (b) has formed the intention of carrying out taxable activities that are registrable,
shall notify the Commissioners of that fact. (1A) An unregistered person who—
  1. (a) would he required to be registered for the purposes of aggregates levy but for an exemption by virtue of regulations under section 24(4) of this Act, or
  2. (b) has formed the intention of carrying out taxable activities that would be registrable but for such an exemption, shall, in such cases or circumstances as may be prescribed in the regulations, notify the Commissioners of that fact. (1B) For the purposes of sub-paragraphs (1) and (1A) above, taxable activities are "registrable" if a person carrying them out is, by reason of doing so, required by section 24(2) of this Act to be registered for the purposes of aggregates levy.";
  3. (b) in sub-paragraphs (2) and (5), after "sub-paragraph (1)" there shall be inserted "or (1A)".
(10) In paragraph 11(2) of Schedule 8 to that Act, paragraphs (f), (g) and (h) shall be omitted.

(11) This Resolution shall be deemed to have come into force on 1st April 2002.

And it is hereby declared that it is expedient in the public interest that this Resolution should have statutory effect under the provisions of the Provisional Collection of Taxes Act 1968.

As an Amendment to Mr Chancellor of the Exchequer's proposed Motion (Aggregates Levy (miscellaneous amendments)):

Leave out paragraph (11) and insert— () That any provision for the enforcement of the aggregates levy shall not have effect until a full environmental and economic impact assessment has been made relating to each country and region within the United Kingdom.".

The House divided: Ayes 319, Noes 32.

Division No. 218] [11.5 pm
Abbott, Ms Diane Bradley, Peter (The Wrekin)
Adams, Mrs Irene (Paisley N) Bradshaw, Ben
Ainger, Nick Brennan, Kevin
Ainsworth, Bob (Cov"try NE) Brown, Rt Hon Gordon (Dunfermline E)
Alexander, Douglas
Allen, Graham Brown, Russell (Dumfries)
Anderson, Rt Hon Donald (Swansea E) Browne, Desmond
Bryant, Chris
Armstrong, Rt Hon Ms Hilary Buck, Ms Karen
Atherton, Ms Candy Burgon, Colin
Atkins, Charlotte Burnham, Andy
Austin, John Caborn, Rt Hon Richard
Bailey, Adrian Cairns, David
Baird, Vera Campbell, Alan (Tynemouth)
Barnes, Harry Campbell, Mrs Anne (C'bridge)
Barron, Kevin Caplin, Ivor
Battle, John Casale, Roger
Bayley, Hugh Caton, Martin
Beard, Nigel Cawsey, Ian
Begg, Miss Anne Challen, Colin
Bell, Stuart Chapman, Ben (Wirral S)
Benn, Hilary Chaytor, David
Bennett, Andrew Clapham, Michael
Benton, Joe Clark, Mrs Helen (Peterborough)
Best, Harold Clark, Dr Lynda (Edinburgh Pentlands)
Betts, Clive
Blackman, Liz Clark, Paul (Gillingham)
Blears, Ms Hazel Clarke, Rt Hon Tom (Coatbridge)
Boateng, Rt Hon Paul Clarke, Tony (Northampton S)
Borrow, David Clelland, David
Bradley, Rt Hon Keith (Withington) Clwyd, Ann
Coaker, Vernon Hood, Jimmy
Coffey, Ms Ann Hope, Phil
Cohen, Harry Hopkins, Kelvin
Coleman, lain Howarth, Rt Hon Alan (Newport E)
Colman, Tony Howarth, George (Knowsley N)
Connarty, Michael Hoyle, Lindsay
Cook, Frank (Stockton N) Hughes, Beverley (Stretford)
Cook, Rt Hon Robin (Livingston) Humble, Mrs Joan
Corbyn, Jeremy Hurst, Alan
Corston, Jean Hutton, Rt Hon John
Cousins, Jim Iddon, Dr Brian
Cranston, Ross Illsley, Eric
Crausby, David Ingram, Rt Hon Adam
Cruddas, Jon Irranca-Davies, Huw
Cryer, John (Hornchurch) Jackson, Helen (Hillsborough)
Cunningham, Jim (Cov'try S) Jamieson, David
Cunningham, Tony (Workington) Jenkins, Brian
Curtis-Thomas, Mrs Claire Johnson, Alan (Hull W & Hessle)
Dalyell, Tam Jones, Helen (Warrington N)
Davey, Valerie (Bristol W) Jones, Jon Owen (Cardiff C)
David, Wayne Jones, Kevan (N Durham)
Davidson, Ian Jones, Lynne (Selly Oak)
Davies, Rt Hon Denzil (Llanelli) Jones, Martyn (Clwyd S)
Dawson, Hilton Kaufman, Rt Hon Gerald
Dean, Mrs Janet Keen, Alan (Feltham & Heston)
Denham, Rt Hon John Keen, Ann (Brentford & Isleworth)
Dhanda, Parmjit Kemp, Fraser
Dismore, Andrew Khabra, Piara S
Dobbin, Jim Kidney, David
Dobson, Rt Hon Frank Kilfoyle, Peter
Donohoe, Brian H King, Andy (Rugby & Kenilworth)
Doran, Frank King, Ms Oona (Bethnal Green)
Dowd, Jim Knight, Jim (S Dorset)
Drew, David Kumar, Dr Ashok
Eagle, Angela (Wallasey) Ladyman, Dr Stephen
Eagle, Maria (L'pool Garston) Lammy, David
Edwards, Huw Lawrence, Mrs Jackie
Efford, Clive Laxton, Bob
Ellman, Mrs Louise Lazarowicz, Mark
Ennis, Jeff Lepper, David
Farrelly, Paul Leslie, Christopher
Field, Rt Hon Frank (Birkenhead) Levitt, Tom
Fitzpatrick, Jim Lewis, Ivan (Bury S)
Flint, Caroline Lewis, Terry (Worsley)
Follett, Barbara Linton, Martin
Foster, Michael (Worcester) Lucas, Ian
Foster, Michael Jabez (Hastings) Luke, lain
Foulkes, George Lyons, John
Francis, Dr Hywel McAvoy, Thomas
Galloway, George McDonagh, Siobhain
Gapes, Mike MacDonald, Calum
Gardiner, Barry McDonnell, John
George, Rt Hon Bruce (Walsall S) MacDougall, John
Gerrard, Neil McFall, John
Gibson, Dr Ian McGuire, Mrs Anne
Gilroy, Linda McIsaac, Shona
Godsiff, Roger McKechin, Ann
Goggins, Paul McKenna, Rosemary
Griffiths, Jane (Reading E) Mackinlay, Andrew
Griffiths, Win (Bridgend) Mactaggart, Fiona
Grogan, John McWalter, Tony
Hain, Rt Hon Peter Mahmood, Khalid
Hall, Mike (Weaver Vale) Mahon, Mrs Alice
Hall, Patrick (Bedford) Mallaber, Judy
Hamilton, David (Midlothian) Mandelson, Rt Hon Peter
Hamilton, Fabian (Leeds NE) Mann, John
Hanson, David Marris, Rob
Havard, Dai Marsden, Gordon (Blackpool S)
Healey, John Marshall, Jim (Leicester S)
Henderson, Doug (Newcastle N) Martlew, Eric
Henderson, Ivan (Harwich) Meacher, Rt Hon Michael
Hendrick, Mark Merron, Gillian
Hepburn, Stephen Michael, Rt Hon Alun
Heppell, John Miliband, David
Hill, Keith Miller, Andrew
Hoey, Kate Mitchell, Austin (Gt Grimsby)
Moffatt, Laura Smith, Angela (Basildon)
Morgan, Julie Smith, Rt Hon Chris (Islington S)
Morley, Elliot Smith, John (Glamorgan)
Mullin, Chris Soley, Clive
Munn, Ms Meg Southworth, Helen
Murphy, Denis (Wansbeck) Spellar, Rt Hon John
Murphy, Jim (Eastwood) Squire, Rachel
Naysmith, Dr Doug Starkey, Dr Phyllis
Norris, Dan Steinberg, Gerry
O'Brien, Bill (Normanton) Stevenson, George
Olner, Bill Stewart, David (Inverness E)
O'Neill, Martin Stewart, Ian (Eccles)
Organ, Diana Stoate, Dr Howard
Osborne, Sandra (Ayr) Strang, Rt Hon Dr Gavin
Owen, Albert Stringer, Graham
Palmer, Dr Nick Stuart, Ms Gisela
Perham, Linda Sutcliffe, Gerry
Picking, Anne Tami, Mark
Pickthall, Colin Taylor, Rt Hon Ann (Dewsbury)
Pike, Peter Taylor, David (NW Leics)
Plaskitt, James Thomas, Gareth (Clwyd W)
Pond, Chris Timms, Stephen
Prentice, Ms Bridget (Lewisham E) Tipping, Paddy
Primarolo, Dawn Todd, Mark
Prosser, Gwyn Touhig, Don
Purchase, Ken Trickett, Jon
Purnell, James Truswell, Paul
Quin, Rt Hon Joyce Turner, Dennis (Wolverh'ton SE)
Quinn, Lawrie Turner, Dr Desmond (Kemptown)
Rammell, Bill Turner, Neil (Wigan)
Rapson, Syd Twigg, Stephen (Enfield)
Raynsford, Rt Hon Nick Tynan, Bill
Reed, Andy (Loughborough) Walley, Ms Joan
Robertson, John (Glasgow Anniesland) Ward, Ms Claire
Wareing, Robert N
Robinson, Geoffrey (Cov'try NW) Watson, Tom
Roche, Mrs Barbara Watts, David
Rooney, Terry White, Brian
Ross, Ernie Whitehead, Dr Alan
Roy, Frank Wicks, Malcolm
Ruane, Chris Williams, Rt Hon Alan (Swansea W)
Ruddock, Joan
Russell, Ms Christine (Chester) Williams, Mrs Betty (Conwy)
Ryan, Joan Wilson, Brian
Sarwar, Mohammad Winnick, David
Savidge, Malcolm Winterton, Ms Rosie (Doncaster C)
Sawford, Phil Woodward, Shaun
Sedgemore, Brian Woolas, Phil
Shaw, Jonathan Worthington, Tony
Sheerman, Barry Wright, Anthony D (Gt Yarmouth)
Sheridan, Jim Wright, David (Telford)
Short, Rt Hon Clare Wright, Tony (Cannock)
Simon, Siôn Wyatt, Derek
Simpson, Alan (Nottingham S)
Singh, Marsha Tellers for the Ayes:
Skinner, Dennis Mr. Tony McNulty and
Smith, Rt Hon Andrew (Oxford E) Mr. Ian Pearson.
Barrett, John Price, Adam
Beggs, Roy Reid, Alan (Argyll & Bute)
Brooke, Mrs Annette L Robertson, Angus (Moray)
Burnside David Robinson, Mrs Iris (Strangford)
Calton, Mrs Patsy Robinson, Peter (Belfast E)
Russell, Bob (Colchester)
Carmichael, Alistair Salmond, Alex
Dodds, Nigel Smith, Sir Robert (W Ab'd'ns)
Duncan, Peter (Galloway) Smyth, Rev Martin (Belfast S)
Ewing, Annabelle Thurso, John
Green, Matthew (Ludlow) Webb; Steve,
Heath, David Weir, Michael
Williams, Hywel (Caemarfon)
Hermon, Lady Williams, Roger (Brecon)
Llwyd, Elfyn Younger-Ross, Richard
Marsden, Paul (Shrewsbury)
Mawhinney, Rt Hon Sir Brian Tellers for the Noes:
Öpik, Lembit Mr. Simon Thomas and
Paisley, Rev Ian Pete Wishart.

Question accordingly agreed to.