HC Deb 02 May 2001 vol 367 c831 Standing Order 1, line 46, at end insert:— 'the term "minister of the Crown' means the holder of an office in Her Majesty's government in the United Kingdom and includes the Treasury;'. Standing Order 38, line 15, at end insert— '(2A) The printed memorandum shall include a statement of opinion, by or on behalf of the promoters, as to the compatibility of the provisions of the bill with the Convention rights (as defined in the Human Rights Act 1998).'. Standing Order 39, line 6, after 'Treasury', insert 'the Privy Council Office,'. Standing Order 85, line 6, at end insert— '(2) Without prejudice to the generality of paragraph (1) of this standing order, where in the case of a private bill which has been read a first time no report from a minister of the Crown has been presented to the House under Standing Order 169A, the Chairman of Ways and Means may, if he thinks fit, direct the attention of the House to that fact.'. Standing Order 144, leave out lines 12 to 15. Standing Order 158, line 16, at end insert— '(by being deposited in the Private Bill Office)'.—[The Chairman of Ways and Means] Ordered, That the following Standing Order be made, with effect from 27th November 2001:— Reports concerning human rights. 169A. In the case of a private bill originating in this House or brought from the House of Lords, a report from a minister of the Crown on the statement of opinion required by Standing Order 38(2A) shall be presented to the House (by being deposited in the Private Bill Office) not later than the second sitting day after that on which the bill was read a first time.'.—[The Chairman of Ways and Means.]