HC Deb 22 March 2001 vol 365 c540

1A.(1) If at the commencement of a parliament the Member who was Speaker at the dissolution of the previous parliament is returned to the House, the Member presiding in accordance with Standing Order No.1 (Election of the Speaker: Member presiding) shall,when the House meets to proceed with the choice of a Speaker,ascertain whether the former Speaker is willing to be chosen as Speaker,and,the former Speaker having submitted himself to the House,shall call upon a Member to move that he do take the chair of this House as Speaker: and the question thereon shall be put forthwith.

(2) If the question is agreed to, the former Speaker shall thereupon take the Chair as Speaker-elect.

(3) If the question is negatived, the Member presiding shall forthwith adjourn the House to the following day at half-past Two o'clock, and the House shall proceed in accordance with Standing Order No. 1B (Election of Speaker by secret ballot).