HC Deb 13 June 2001 vol 370 c1

The House being met; and it being the first day of the meeting of this Parliament, pursuant to Proclamation, WILLIAM ROBERT McKAY, ESQUIRE, CB, Clerk of the House of Commons, ROGER BLAKEMORE SANDS, ESQUIRE, Clerk Assistant, and HELEN ELIZABETH IRWIN, Principal Clerk of the Table Office, attending in the House, and the other Clerks attending, according to their duty, SIR HAYDEN PHILLIPS, KCB, Clerk of the Crown in Chancery in Great Britain, delivered to the said WILLIAM ROBERT McKAY a book containing a list of the names of the Members returned to serve in this Parliament.

Several of the Members repaired, to their seats.

MR. TAM DALYELL took the Chair, pursuant to Standing Order No. 1 (Election of the Speaker: Member presiding)

Message to attend the Lords Commissioners.

The House went; and a Commission having been read for opening and holding the Parliament, the Lords Commissioners directed the House to proceed to the Election of a Speaker, and to present the Speaker-Elect tomorrow, in the House of Peers, for the Royal Approbation.

And the House having returned:—