HC Deb 10 May 2000 vol 349 cc934-5

42A.—(1) The Strategic Rail Authority may do anything which it arranges with the Secretary of State to do on his behalf in connection with any agreement or other arrangement made by him for the purpose of securing the design, construction, financing, maintenance or operation of the rail link or any of the other works authorised by this Part of this Act.

(2) Subsection (1) above—

  1. (a) does not authorise the Strategic Rail Authority to exercise any function conferred or imposed by or by virtue of any enactment, and
  2. (b) is subject to the terms of the agreement or other arrangement.

(3) Sections 184 and 185 of the Transport Act 2000 do not apply to the power conferred by this section.".'.

No. 277, in page 254, line 27, leave out— 'to the Channel Tunnel Rail Link Act 1996'.—[Mr. Robert Ainsworth.]

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