HC Deb 15 March 2000 vol 346 c458

Amendments made: No. 60, in page 104, line 14, at end insert— () In this Schedule a reference to a police station includes a reference to any place where the Secretary of State has directed under sub-paragraph (1) that a person is to be detained under section 40.'.

No. 61, in page 104, line 17, at end insert— (his examination under that Schedule,'.

No. 62, in page 104, line 20, at end insert— '() A constable who arrests a person under section 40 shall take him as soon as is reasonably practicable to the police station which the constable considers the most appropriate.'.

No. 63, in page 104, line 21, at end insert— '() Where a person is arrested in one Part of the United Kingdom and all or part of his detention takes place in another Part, the provisions of this Schedule which apply to detention in a particular Part of the United Kingdom apply in relation to him while he is detained in that Part.'.

No. 64, in page 104, line 33, at end insert—