HC Deb 18 November 1999 vol 339 c124

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, supported by Mr. Secretary Straw, Mr. Secretary Darling, Mr. Secretary Byers, Mr. Secretary Milburn, Jane Kennedy, Mr. Graham Stringer, Mr. Andrew Smith, Dawn Primarolo, Mr. Stephen Timms and Miss Melanie Johnson, presented a Bill to make provision about the regulation of financial services and markets; to provide for the transfer of certain statutory functions relating to building societies, friendly societies, industrial and provident societies and certain other mutual societies; and for connected purposes: Pursuant to Order [25 October], the Bill was ordered to be printed [Bill 1], was read the First and Second time without Question put, and stood committed to a Standing Committee in respect of clauses 135 to 367 and Schedules 12 to 17 with the same Members as the Members of the Standing Committee on the Bill in the previous Session. Explanatory notes to be printed.