HC Deb 06 May 1999 vol 330 cc1184-5

Motion made, That the Resolution of 6th December 1991 relating to travel by Members to European Community Institutions be rescinded. That, in the opinion of this House, provision should be made as from 1st April 1999 for reimbursing Members in respect of the cost of travelling on parliamentary duties between the United Kingdom and any European Union institution in Brussels, Luxembourg or Strasbourg or the national parliament of another European Union member state and any additional expenses necessarily incurred in such travelling, subject to the limit that

(1) the amount payable to a Member in any year, beginning with 1st April, shall not exceed the aggregate of—

  1. (a) the cost of a return business class airfare for the journey on the assumption that the journey begins and ends at a London airport and that the destination is any of the 1185 three cities mentioned above or the location of the national parliament of a European Union member state; and
  2. (b) twice the corresponding civil service class A standard subsistence rate for the time being in operation; and

(2) expenditure in pursuance of this Resolution within financial year 1999–2000 shall not exceed the total currently planned for expenditure on travel by Members to European Union institutions within that year.—[Mr. Allen.]

Hon. Members