HC Deb 17 June 1998 vol 314 c479

3. Where a declaration is granted under section 3 in accordance with paragraph 1, sections 4 to 13 shall have effect with the following modifications. 4.—(1) For section 4(1)(b) there shall be substituted— '(b) one day for every day of remission which he has lost and not had restored (or additional day which he has been awarded and which has not been remitted) in accordance with prison rules.'. (2) The reference in section 4(4) to the time when a prisoner could have been discharged under prison rules shall be treated as a reference to the time when he could have been discharged had the relevant sentence been passed in Northern Ireland for a scheduled offence. 5. The references in sections 5 and 10 to section 26 of the Treatment of Offenders Act (Northern Ireland) 1968 shall be treated as references to any enactment which has the effect of, or an effect similar to, that section and which applies to the prisoner concerned. 6. The following shall be substituted for section 7—