HC Deb 08 July 1998 vol 315 c1096

5 pm

The Parliamentary Secretary, Office of Public Service (Mr. Peter Kilfoyle)

On a point of order, Madam Speaker. It arises from yesterday's debate, in which the right hon. Member for South-West Surrey (Mrs. Bottomley) sought to intervene on my speech. I initially resisted her intervention. However, I had named the right hon. Lady and intended to give way to her after I had completed that part of my speech. I apologise to the House for any unintended discourtesy on my part. I must reassure the House that I accept unequivocally that it is right and courteous to give way to right hon. and hon. Members whom one has named in a speech and I thank you, Madam Speaker, for giving me the opportunity to advise the House that I intended no discourtesy to it.

Madam Speaker

Thank you.

Mrs. Virginia Bottomley (South-West Surrey)

Further to that point of order, Madam Speaker. I accept the hon. Gentleman's apology. Perhaps he should have allowed me the opportunity to right that wrong accusation, but I accept his apology and his endorsement of the convention.

Madam Speaker

I appreciate that. Thank you.