HC Deb 26 November 1996 vol 286 c237 9.20 pm
Mr. Peter Luff (Worcester)

It is my privilege to present a petition of 3,738 signatures of the people of Worcestershire—largely from the Warndon villages area of Worcester city—compiled by an organisation known as Warchem, which is short for Warndon Residents Against Chemicals. The petition addresses one of the most pressing issues in my constituency. My constituents express grave concern about the grant of planning permission and the imminent grant of a waste management licence to Norchem Environmental Services—at its site at Shire business park, Warndon, Worcester—for a toxic waste transfer and oil recyling facility.

The petitioners believe that serious questions need to be asked about how we have reached the current situation with the application. They acknowledge that planning permission from the county and city councils has been granted, subject to certain conditions, and they are very fearful of the imminent grant of a waste management licence from the Environment Agency. They state: We believe that in granting these applications insufficient consideration has been given to the effects on and dangers to local residents whose homes are adjacent to this site (effected are approximately 4,000 homes). The petitioners therefore request the House of Commons to urge the Government to investigate the procedures and decisions that have been undertaken in granting these permissions and very strongly urge that they be overturned. To lie upon the Table.