HC Deb 11 June 1996 vol 279 c219 10.15 pm
Mr. Nigel Forman (Carshalton and Wallington)

It is my pleasant duty to present a petition signed by Mr. Brian Keenan of 22 Bristow road, Beddington, and a large number of local residents in the Beddington North ward in my constituency and their supporters.

The petition draws attention to the problem of postcodes in Beddington and the fact that too many of my constituents feel disadvantaged by the way in which the Royal Mail persists in allocating a Croydon postcode when they want a Sutton postcode, reflecting their actual geographical location in the London borough of Sutton. The petition reads: To the House of Commons. The petition of the Residents of Beddington North ward within the London Borough of Sutton and their supporters declares that the petitioners wish for their addresses and postcodes to reflect truly the actual geographical location of their residences, in place of those of the neighbouring borough of Croydon, which have been imposed by Royal Mail. The petitioners therefore respectfully request the House of Commons to find time to debate and request the Minister of the Crown responsible to arrange for the necessary corrective action to be taken. The petitioners remain hopeful that their wishes will receive the favourable consideration of the House of Commons, for which they will be truly grateful.

To lie upon the Table.