HC Deb 18 July 1994 vol 247 c35 4.19 pm
Mr. Peter Hain (Neath)

With your permission, Madam Speaker, I wish to make a personal statement.

On 13 July, during the debate on Members' interests, I stated that I had placed letters on the letter board giving notice of my intention to refer to certain hon. Members in the course of the debate. I said that I had done so earlier that evening, and well in time. In fact, although I had every intention of notifying the hon. Members concerned, I found to my surprise that the letter board was closed, when I sought to leave letters there, and I handed in the letters at the Post Office.

I owe you and and the House a full apology in two respects, Madam Speaker. I inadvertently misled you when I stated that the letters had been left on the board; furthermore, I now recognise that letters left at that stage of the evening provided a totally inadequate warning in this case.

I deeply regret my actions, Madam Speaker, and repeat my sincere apology to you and the House.