HC Deb 05 July 1994 vol 246 c242

3B. — (1) This section applies to any order under subsection (2) of section 3A of this Act which varies or revokes an earlier order so as to reduce the number of a police authority's members. (2) Before making an order to which this section applies, the Secretary of State shall consult—

  1. (a) the authority,
  2. (b) the councils which are relevant councils in relation to the authority for the purposes of Schedule 1B to this Act, and
  3. (c) any panel (or magistrates' courts committee) which is responsible, or is represented on a joint committee which is responsible, for the appointment of members of the authority.
(3) An order to which this section applies may include provision as to the termination of the appointment of the existing members of the authority and the making of new appointments or re-appointments." ' — [Mr. Charles Wardle.]

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