HC Deb 16 January 1992 vol 201 cc1122-3

29A.—(1) Every consumer committee shall, as soon as practicable after the end of each calendar year, make to the Director and to the Secretary of State a report on its activities during that year.

(2) Each report shall include a statement of the matters on which, during the year to which it relates, the committee has advised the Secretary of State or the Director under section 29 above.

(3) The committee shall arrange for every such report to be published in such a manner as it considers appropriate.

(4) In making any such report, the committee shall have regard to the need for excluding, so far as that is practicable—

  1. (a) any matter which relates to the affairs of an individual where the publication of that matter would or might in the opinion of the committee, seriously and prejudicially affect the interests of that individual; and
  2. (b) any matter which relates specifically to the affairs of a particular body of persons, whether corporate or unincorporate, where publication of that matter 1123 would or might, in the opinion of the Committee, seriously and prejudicially affect the interests of that body.".'.

New clause 51—Water Act 1991 (Information by directors)'The following section shall be inserted in the Water Industry Act 1991, after section 41—

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