HC Deb 11 November 1991 vol 198 c781

Mr. Secretary Rifkind, supported by Mr. Secretary Baker, Mr. Secretary Heseltine, Mr. John MacGregor, Mr. Secretary Wakeham, Mr. Secretary Hunt, Mr. Secretary Lang and Mr. Patrick McLoughlin, presented a Bill to provide for the making of orders relating to, or to matters ancillary to, the construction, operation or use of railways, tramways, trolley vehicle systems, other guided transport systems and inland waterways, and orders relating to, or to matters ancillary to, works interfering with rights of navigation; to make further provision in relation to railways. tramways, trolley vehicle systems and other guided transport systems; to amend certain enactments relating to harbours; and for connected purposes; And the same was read the First time; and ordered to be read a Second time upon Tuesday 12 November and to be printed. [Bill 10.]