HC Deb 25 February 1991 vol 186 c746

Amendment made: No. 120, in page 75, line 39. at end insert—

'Avoidance of delay

6A.—(1) Where a notice of transfer has been given in relation to any case—

  1. (a) the Crown Court before which the case is to be tried; and
  2. (b) any magistrates' court which exercises any functions under paragraphs 2 or 3 above or section 20(4) of the Legal Aid Act 1988 in relation to the case, shall, in exercising any of its powers in relation to the case, have regard to the desirability of avoiding prejudice to the welfare of any relevant child witness that may be occasioned by unnecessary delay in bringing the case to trial.

(2) In this paragraph "child" has the same meaning as in section 43 of this Act and "relevant child witness" means a child who will be called as a witness at the trial and who is alleged to be a person against whom the offence was committed or to have witnessed its commission.'.—[ Mr. John Patten. ]

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