HC Deb 26 April 1990 vol 171 c514

As amended (in the Standing Committee), considered.

New Clause 9

Winding up and dissolution of new town development


'For sections 36 and 36A of the New Towns (Scotland) Act 1968 there shall be substituted the following sections—

"Winding up of development corporation.

36.—(1) Where the Secretary of State is satisfied that the purposes for which a development corporation were established under this Act have been substantially achieved he may by order (a "winding up order") provide for the winding up of the corporation.

(2) Before making a winding up order the Secretary of State shall consult—

  1. (a) the development corporation to which the order will relate.
  2. (b) the council—
    1. (i) of the region or islands area, and
    2. (ii) of each district, in which any part of the new town is situated, and
  3. (c) such other person or body as he thinks appropriate.

(3) A winding up order shall name the day on which the winding up of the corporation is to commence and the day by which it is to be completed and may—

  1. (a) stipulate a timetable for the winding up,
  2. (b) require the corporation to make interim reports to the Secretary of State,
  3. (c) require the corporation to comply with any directions made by the Secretary of State under section 36C of this Act,
  4. (d) impose such duties, or confer such additional powers, in relation to the winding up as the Secretary of State thinks appropriate,
  5. (e) revoke any order relating to the development corporation,
  6. (f) contain such incidental, consequential, supplementary, transitional or ancillary provisions (including provision modifying the effect of any enactment as it relates to the corporation) as the Secretary of State thinks necessary or expedient.

(4) The Secretary of State may, after such consultation as is mentioned in subsection (2) above, by order vary any of the terms of a winding up order.

(5) An order under this section shall be made by statutory instrument which shall, if it contains provision modifying the effect of any enactment as it relates to the corporation, be subject to annulment in pursuance of a resolution of either House of Parliament.