HC Deb 07 April 1989 vol 150 c534

Amendments made: No. 1, in page 1, line 6, leave out from 'the' to end of line 9 and insert 'registration authority maintaining a register of common land and of town and village greens under the Commons Registration Act 1965, object to the inclusion on either of the registers of the whole or part of any land in respect of which the requirements specified in subsection (1A) below are satisfied.

  1. (1A) Those requirements are—
    1. (a) that there is, and at all times since 5th August 1945 has been, a dwellinghouse on the land;
    2. (b) that in so far as the land is not the site of the dwellinghouse it consists of land ancillary to that dwellinghouse; and
    3. (c) that the land does not include any land which on the said 5th August was niether the site of the dwellinghouse which was then on the land nor land ancillary to that dwellinghouse.
  2. (1B) For the purposes of subsection (IA) above land ancillary to a dwellinghouse means a garden, private garage or outbuildings used and enjoyed with the dwellinghouse; and in that subsection "dwellinghouse" includes a building consisting of two or more separate dwellings.'.

No. 3, in page 1, line 13, leave out from beginning to end of line 16 and insert 'requirements specified in subsection (1A) above are satisfied in the case of the land to which the objection relates, he shall give notice of his decision to the registration authority who shall modify the register so as to exclude that land. (3) Where a register is modified under this section so as to exclude any land the registration authority shall also cancel the registration of any person as the owner of that land.', —[Mr. Favell.]

Clause 1, as amended, agreed to.

Clauses 2 and 3 disagreed to.

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