HC Deb 04 April 1989 vol 150 c86

Amendments made: No. 4, in page 255, line 4, at end insert '( ) In section 6(3) (definition of "unauthorised fixed engine"), at the end of paragraph (c) there shall be inserted the words "or

  1. (d) a fixed engine which is placed and used by the National Rivers Authority with the consent of, or in accordance with a general authorisation given by, the Minister or the Secretary of State."'.

No. 5, in page 255, line 19, leave out from '(3)' to end of line 20 and insert 'for the words from "by", in the first place whre it occurs, onwards three shall be substituted the words "on an application made to him by the National Rivers Authority, by order made by statutory instrument make provision in relation to an area defined by the order—

  1. (a) for the imposition on the owners and occupiers of fisheries in that area of requirements to pay contributions to that Authority of such amounts as may be determined under the order in respect of the expenses of the carrying out in relation to that area of that Authority's functions with respect to fisheries;
  2. (b) for such contributions to be paid or recovered in such manner and to be refundable in such circumstances as may be specified in or determined under the order;
  3. (c) for the modification, in relation to the fisheries in that area, of any provisions of this Act relating to the regulation of fisheries or of any provisions of a local Act relating to any fishery in that area;
and an order under this subsection may contain such supplemental, consequential and transitional provision, including provision for the payment of compensation to persons injuriously affected by the order, as may appear to be necessary or expedient in connection with the other provisions of the order."'.—[Mr. Ridley.]

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