HC Deb 30 November 1988 vol 142 c731

The Members successful in the ballot were:

Mr. Speaker

I think that we should have a redraw. [Interruption.]

Mr. Nicholas Baker (Dorset, North)

I think that you may have misread the names, Mr. Speaker. Perhaps it was Nicholas Baker?

Mr. Speaker

It looks like Nicholas Bennett to me. I think that we should have a redraw for the final name. It is Mr. Kenneth Hind.


Mr. Harry Cohen (Leyton)

On a point of order, Mr. Speaker. You said that you would redraw the ballot, but all you did was redraw the third name. You left in the name of the hon. Member for Pembroke (Mr. Bennett), who had put in two names and had virtually cheated by doing so. [HON. MEMBERS: "Withdraw."] I withdraw the phrase "virtually cheated".

If an hon. Member votes twice, his vote is cancelled. Whether by accident or not, the hon. Gentleman had two names in the ballot and, according to that ballot, he still has second place. That cannot be right. As you said that the ballot should be redrawn, the whole ballot should be redrawn.

Mr. Nicholas Bennett (Pembroke)

I have just had a word with the Clerks and discovered that, inadvertently, it was the same book that was in the Lobby. I was not aware of that and therefore apologise. I certainly had no intention of cheating and, if the House thinks that I should not have second place, I should be happy for you to draw the names again.

Mr. Speaker

I shall draw one more.

Mr. Cohen


Mr. Speaker

Order. The final name is Mr. Robert G. Hughes.