HC Deb 03 November 1988 vol 139 c1195 4.10 pm
Mr. Dennis Skinner (Bolsover)

On a point of order, Mr. Speaker. This morning, the radio was retailing an account of representations that had been made to you regarding the continuation of the debate that took place on Tuesday about eyes and teeth. It was being suggested that the Parliament Act would prevent the debate and the vote on one of those issues taking place.

I am probably the last person in this building to want to give an oxygen cylinder to the other place, but the plain fact is that, under the Parliament Act as I see it, and in view of the fact that the other place has debated these two issues, it would be able to continue the debate and perhaps bring the matter back to this place, if the vote is carried.

Will you confirm, Mr. Speaker, that there have been no representations from the Government on this issue, that no decisions have been made and that, contrary to all the reports on the airwaves this morning, those debates will take place?

Mr. Speaker

I cannot confirm that, because I am not in any sense connected with the Government, but I heard what I judged to be a somewhat inaccurate statement on the news about my ruling.

To clear that up, I should say to the House that I have given no ruling on the Health and Medicines Bill other than that which I gave when I was in the Chair during the debate. Lords amendments Nos. 20 and 22 involve Commons privileges. The House gave a reason for disagreeing with the Lords on amendment No. 20. It did not do so in respect of amendment No. 22 as it is not the custom to give a reason when consequential amendments are made to a Bill.